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Automotive windows tint films block UV and can offer a level of privacy by making it more dificult to see in windows any valuables inside the car.

The first step in application is to thoroughly clean the window. The installer will then wet the film and apply it to the outside of the window. Using a heat gun, he will form the film to the exact curvature of the window. After this, the film is carefully removedfrom the outside of the car window and applied with a squeegee to the inside of the glass.


The installer then will trim any excess film and will complete the installation by making sure the film is firmly in place.


Privacy, security and comfort are just few of the reasons to get your car windows tinted!


  • Reduces interior fading by blocking out harsh sunshine

  • Blocks out unwanted heating making the interior of the car more comfortable

  • Minimizes eye strain by reducing the sun glare

  • Provides privacy from prying eyes

  • Holds glass shards together in the event of an accident

Most of the automotive windows tint films are designed to be installed on the inside of your windows.

We are one of the largest commercial windows tint installers in the Bay Area


We specialize in tinting large commercial buildings, office space, and apartment complexes, as well as small businesses

We work with top film brands and provide 3 year, 5 year, and lifetime warranty

Commercial windows tint is an inexpensive method to decrease the amount of heat transfer and install the UV protection. Tinted windows can protect your business from break-ins by keeping the insides from being noticed. We use only high quality films with great variety of all darkness levels, security films, and anti-graffiti films

We operate 7 days a week. Our windows tinting specialists can work on the weekend and have everything done and ready by Monday morning.


Whether a business owner or a homeowner we have a product that will highly improve the glass that surrounds you.


Tinting your windows can reduce up to 87% of the sun heat. It gives 99% UV (ultraviolet rays) protection. And it reduces 96% of the glare depending upon the darkness level you choose. 

You can completely change the look of your building at a very affordable cost

The regular windows tint installation costs much less than majority of other window treatments. As a matter of fact, your spending in windows tint will return dividends in the form of reduced A/C costs, and fading protection.

Window film allows you to enjoy virtually clear, non-reflective and un-tinted glass with all the fading protection, UV protection and heat rejection.

Security Window Films are constructed to protect the glass by holding the glass pieces together when broken.


Security Window Films, unlike regular windows tint, are made with thicker polyester and stronger adhesive system.

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